LV Plant’s Intenz and Twisted Celosias enjoy strong demand

Posted On 01 Sep 2016
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nursery_grower_lvplant_monsterMONSTER, The Netherlands: Premiering at Royal FloraHolland’s Seasonal Fair in March this year, LV Plant’s line of potted Intenz and Twisted Celosias have enjoyed strong spring and early summer demand for the retail industry in Western Europe.

LV Plant, a nursery out Monster, The Netherlands has 3.6ha used for the production of vegetable young plants in winter time and Chrysanthemum, Aster, Celosia, Streptocarpus and Dahlia during spring and summer. Making their debut at the Royal FloraHolland Seasonal Trade Fair in March was the company’s range of Celosia spicata and cristata which are sold under the brand names Intenz (12cm pots) and Twisted (11 and 12cm pots) respectively.

Bred by Floritec from Woubrugge, this new Celosia is raised from cuttings.

LV Plant’s Fabian van der Knaap explained that Celosia is a quantitative short day plant with flower initiating under short days. Total crop time is eight to nine weeks depending on the climate, location, time of year and greenhouse environmental conditions. To control excessive stem length, PGRs are used and plants need pinching only once.

The output of production is 17,000 Intenz spicata Celosias and 10,000 Twisted celosias which are availabe for order from week 10 to 39. For 2017, LV Plant is delighted to announce that it will bring Celosia Intenz Improved, Intenz Lipstick and Intenz Dark Purple to the market.

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