Esmeralda Farms Holland closes its doors

Posted On 12 Sep 2016
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orn_gypsophilaMIAMI. USA: Our man in the USA, William Armellini told FCI today that Esmeralda Farms in Holland has closed its doors as of last week and laid off all employees. This comes on the heels of the fire that destroyed its farm in Ethiopia. It is obvious that the Dutch company which received 40% of its supply from the farm in Africa could not or choose not to continue. As of this AM the company website does not indicate any changes.

This is a sad turn of events for such a great company with a wonderful history.

The question that looms in my mind is what will happen to Connectaflor here in Miami that was once part of the Esmeralda group of companies. They are the exclusive distributor of Esmeralda flowers here in the US. However, they receive no flowers from the farm in Ethiopia and source all from the Esmeralda farms in South America. My contacts at Connentaflor assure me that this in no way affects their business.

The Esmeralda customers that were served by the African farms will now be served by the farms in Ecuador where it is practical.

I also learned that the farm in Ethiopia was not growing many roses but instead more fillers unlike nearly all other farms in Africa.

Stay tuned.

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