Two new waxflower variety names finalised

Posted On 07 Aug 2016
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rubywax.(2)jpgVICTORIA, Australia: Helix Australia, one of the world’s leading marketers of new and improved hybrid Waxflower varieties, has finalised two new waxflower variety names.

Whilst the majority of the time and investment in developing new varieties is spent in complex breeding methods and extensive growing trials – there is also a big challenge in developing suitable and memorable variety names that will assist the down stream marketing of our new Waxflower varieties. In recent weeks, Helix Australia’s marketing department has agreed on variety names for two stunning new Waxflower varieties that will be added to the Helix Australia stable in the coming months.

The company is keen to keep building on our existing “Delight” series of Waxflower variety names and is proud to announce the introduction of variety names ’Ruby’s Delight’ and ‘Marshmallow Delight’.

Waxflower ‘Ruby’s Delight’ is a megapetalum hybrid featuring large, dark pink blooms flowering in mid winter. This variety was bred by Brian Jack from Western Flora and has been named after Ruby Parsons – the youngest child of Helix Australia director Adrian Parsons.

Waxflower ‘Marshmallow Delight’ is a hybrid developed by Department of Agriculture WA. This variety features delicious clear white blooms which quickly morph into a subtle pink shade. The blend of white and pink closely resembles a bag of yummy marshmallow treats.


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