Pöppelmann TEKU’s new PT series offers good alternative to transparent trays

Posted On 02 Aug 2016
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packaging_Poeppelmann_TEKU_marketingtray (2)LOHNE, Germany: On 6 to 7 September 2016, Pöppelmann TEKU® will present its comprehensive product portfolio at the Four Oaks 2016 trade show. The plastics processing company from Lohne has expanded its marketing tray series PT2556 with an additional version for 12 cm MDF Coverpots.

The PT series is a good alternative to transparent trays and achieves the best possible self-marketing: Thanks to their flat design, the PT 2556 trays offer a large viewable area and help bring out the best of printed pots and planters. The open sides provide an unobstructed view of each single pot. The marketing potential is further enhanced by the labelling slots provided on both sides of the trays. Therefore even when placed on the CC trolley, the labels are clearly visible from both sides. Thanks to their dimension of 25 x 56 cm, they make optimal use of the CC shelf area. The good fit and secure hold of the pots facilitates safe transport and the best-possible handling.

The new MDF pot series also complements the Pöppelmann TEKU® product portfolio with pots that present plants in an attractive promotional manner: These plant pots are used as Coverpots and are an excellent choice for promotional activities because they offer the grower innovative, high-quality decorative options with little additional effort. The MDF Coverpot series is produced using the in-mould labelling (IML) process.

In this production process, the pre-printed labels are inserted into the injection mould of the pot. Due to the high temperature of the liquid plastic when injected into the injection mould, the IML label binds itself directly with the plastic melt. Once cooled down, the label attaches itself permanently to the pot. Thanks to the IML process, the pot and label become one high-quality optical unit, whereby the label cannot be removed, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The Coverpots with their high-quality IML labels are perfect for attractive gift ideas and special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Spring or Easter. On request, growers can even design their own labels.

A further innovative feature of the Coverpots is the internal edge on top of which the cultivation pots hang: It forms a space at the closed bottom of the Coverpot, which can be used for water storage. This can enhance shelf life during transport and sale for the producer and retailer. End customers benefit from a reduced watering frequency at home. For best effect we recommend a combination with the irrigation system: A wick protruding into the water provides the plant with a constant water supply. If required, the wicks can be supplied by Pöppelmann together with the Waterwick™ stick. Pöppelmann TEKU® currently offers Coverpots as MDF 12, MDF 14, MDF 17 and MDF 19 versions for TEKU®cultivation pots with a diameter of 12 to 19 cm.

Recent market research conducted by Bremen-based institute “Konkret” has revealed what positive effects high-quality printed plant pots and drawn-down marketing trays such as the ones of the PT series or the Coverpots have on sales. A conventional, high-walled transport tray was compared to a marketing tray from the PT series by Pöppelmann TEKU®. Besides this, a neutral black pot was also compared to a high-quality printed pot. Eye tracking and participant surveys confirmed that both the drawn-down marketing trays and the printed plant pots by Pöppelmann TEKU® were very well received by end customers and that they left a lasting impression.

The study also revealed that the participants looked at the plants pots in the TEKU® marketing trays before and for longer than products in the conventional, high-walled trays. Even the printed pot prevailed against the neutral, black plant pot: The participants looked up to five times more often from the pot to the plant and they kept looking at it up to ten times longer. Consumers stated that on average they would be willing to spend 8 % more on a plant in a printed pot and as much as 15 % more on a plant in a coloured pot.

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