Christmas in August : Solis Plant launches White Rox kalanchoes

Posted On 04 Aug 2016
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orn_kalanchoe_white_rox_close_upWESTLAND, The Netherlands: It may only be August but potted plant grower Solis Plant from The Netherlands is already gearing up for the festive season, identifying its newest White Rox Kalanchoe as this year’s vegetal must-haves for Christmas.

Bred by Topcolour Breeding, Kalanchoe ‘White Rox’ delivers excellent keeping qualities that combine with non-fading, semi double blooms in snowy white. ‘White Rox’ features a well-branched and compact plant habit.

Founded in 1988 on the company’s expertise in bell peppers, Solis Plantis a potted plant nursery run by father and son Gerrit and René van Dop. A quintessential family-owned business, Solis Plant differentiates itself on the marketplace with its top quality brand Le Chic Blooming Jewels under which only the best Kalanchoes are sold. The Van Dops are committed to introducing new ideas to the marketplace, continuously striving to best serve customers and the environment.

Handing out samples of Kalanchoe White Rox including persuasive point-of-purchase materials, a team of Christmas Girls will visit in week 32 floral wholesalers such as Hamiplant, Intergreen, Noviflora , DRC, Bos Brothers, Waterdrinker and OZ. The White Rox promotional tour will allow potted plant exporters to experience what this strikingly new Kalanchoe has to offer first-hand.

Author: Ron van der Ploeg/FloraCulture International

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