AIFD® Announces New CFD® Opportunity for Education Partners

Posted On 01 Aug 2016
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AIFD Logo - Registered, High ResBALTIMORE, USA: In an exciting benefit-loaded move, the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD®) is expanding opportunities for creative floral designers to earn the now coveted Certified Floral Designer (CFD®) professional designation, it was announced by Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, CFD, President of AIFD.

Starting immediately after AIFD’s National Symposium this July in Orange County, Calif., AIFD will allow its Education Partners (recognized and approved private floral design schools), certain state floral associations, and its university level student chapters, to offer their respective students the chance to be granted the CFD® designation after they successfully complete a vigorous course of study and have their designs evaluated by their school faculty.

This is different than AIFD’s present system which requires candidates for the Certified Floral Designer designation to attend and participate in a Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE) program which has only been conducted immediately prior to the National Symposium.

“The expansion of these new venues for achieving the CFD honor,” said Ms. Mason-Monheim, “significantly reduces the potential cost for a candidate. They no longer have to travel to, and participate in the PFDE.”

Ms. Mason-Monheim did clarify that a candidate may still opt to attempt to earn his or her CFD by participating in a PFDE if they are not a student of an AIFD Education Partner, Student Chapter or state association.

“AIFD believes that our education partners, university student chapters and state associations with a designation program offer quality floral design education worthy of the acclaimed CFD designation,” she explains.

According to Kristen Philips, CAE, the incoming Executive Director of AIFD, “To be able to offer students the opportunity to be granted the professional status as a Certified Floral Designer, the new venues simply need to agree to do two things: 1) agree that each of their students be required to purchase and use The AIFD Guide to Floral Design as a teaching tool; and 2) once students successfully complete the required courses and hands-on evaluation already provided by schools, the schools then simply send the student names and contact information to AIFD.”

AIFD will then send your students a letter congratulating them on the completion of your education courses and inviting them to become a CFD®.

To accept the invitation students must return the CFD application with their certification fee to AIFD, and pass an online test based off of The AIFD Guide to Floral Design, with an 80% or higher, within two weeks of receiving access.

Students will then be awarded the nationally recognized CFD (Certified Floral Designer) designation and: will be sent a handsome CFD® pin, CFD® certificate, will be listed in both the AIFD online and printed directories, and receive a one-time $250 discount should they wish to pursue their AIFD Accreditation and participate in a future AIFD Professional Floral Designer Evaluation (PFDE).


Once recognized, CFDs will pay an annual re-certification fee of $174 (or just $124 if paid by May 1).  They must also meet the continuing education requirement of 25 CEU’s every three years.

“While AIFD will not offer this invitation to all prior students,” said Ms. Mason-Monheim, “we will offer to students who took the appropriate courses at approved institutions in the years 2015 and 2016 and who have purchased the AIFD Guide to Floral Design.”

Any questions can be directed to AIFD at 410-752-3318 or More information is available at

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