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Posted On 07 Jul 2016
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headerfoto_greenhousebag (Large)AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands: During Greentech, ViVi introduces the all new ‘ViVi Verte': a Greenhouse in a Bag! The new ViVi technology allows you to grow a full leafy crop in a closed micro perforated bag. The product grows in the innovative bag from young plant up to finished crop. During production all the way to the kitchen counter, no one needs to touch the product. It provides the most food safe, clean and sustainable cultivation method available in multi-layer growing. The result: an extremely fresh crop with a remarkable shelf life of at least two weeks!

The ViVi Verte system finds its origin in the Plant Tissue Culture where controlling risks and hygiene are the main principles. The system works with multilayer LED light for vegetable cultivation. The packaging of the product forms the ‘beating heart’ of the system.

The plant grows in its end packaging straight from the start. The packaging is completely clean and provides a micro system where humidity, temperature, light intensity and nutrition are fully controlled. All these factors ensure an extremely safe and clean product. The ViVi plants are grown in the highly specialized ViCabin: a controlled environment of vertical cultivation with LED light.

During production no one needs to touch the product. From start to finish, the product maintains in the packaging. It is not even necessary to have any expertise in cultivating plants. The ViCabin does not depend on environmental factors either, so we basically are able to produce anywhere on the globe. Environmental factors are no threat to the growth of the plants, since the production is fully controlled. The simplicity of this production method is enormous! ViVi supplies a complete factory to produce leafy vegetables with minimal labour, resources and knowledge.

ViVi is the result of a joint venture between Dutch companies Visser Horti Systems and Vitro Plus. ViVi developed a complete production line and growing system to grow leafy greens in the end user’s packaging.

ViVi has three divisions that all have their own specific tasks and areas of expertise. ViViPak is responsible for engineering and selling of the growth packagings; the mini-greenhouses. ViViTec focuses on the designing, engineering and selling of the ViCabin. ViViTec can also supply solutions for processing plants and filling packagings. The third division, ViViLab, tests and develops new growing methods, and ensures your plants will grow under the best circumstances.

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