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Posted On 09 Jul 2016
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floral_marketing_prom_quiz_safALEXANDRIA, USA: Prom is a major rite of passage for teens, and often the first time they buy flowers from a local professional florist. This past prom season, in partnership with Asocolflores, the Society of American Florists launched a social media campaign involving an online interactive Prom Quiz to get teens excited about prom flowers and finding a local florist. It generated more than 2 million impressions.

As part of the Prom Campaign, SAF’s Instagram posts generated more than 1.5 million impressions, 17,121 link clicks, 10,400 likes and 275 comments.

“The campaign saw outstanding results and high levels of engagement by teens,” said SAF Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Sparks, “with almost 142,000 visits to the online quiz, and hundreds of thousands more teens being exposed to the flower message during prom season.”

Visitors spent an average of 3:32 minutes on the Prom Quiz, which is high, indicating that visitors were interested in it and took the time to answer the questions to find out about their floral personalities.

To drive visitors to SAF’s, SAF ran paid promoted posts throughout April targeting teens on Instagram and Twitter, and their moms on Facebook, and continued to promote the Prom Quiz organically throughout May and early June.

“In just the first 24 hours, SAF’s paid Instagram post alone experienced more than 2,000 click-throughs to the Prom Quiz,” Sparks said. At the end of the campaign, SAF’s Instagram posts generated more than 1.5 million impressions, 17,121 link clicks, 10,400 likes and 275 comments. On Twitter, the campaign drew 372,667 impressions, 18,652 link clicks and 5,236 engagements, such as likes, clicks and comments. Facebook posts led to 193,662 impressions, 8,652 link clicks and 4,189 engagements.

“Although our posts on Facebook and Twitter saw positive results, part way through the campaign we shifted the majority of our promotional funds to Instagram, where performance was skyrocketing,” Sparks said. “This strategy for targeting teens on Instagram clearly worked.”

The interactive Prom Quiz asks visitors nine questions about their personality, style and prom plans. Upon completion of the quiz, users receive their results — one of four “prom flower personalities,” along with photos and advice for styling flowers for prom attire and assistance in finding their local florist.

Prom flower personality categories include Classic, Trendy, Bold & Daring, and Artsy & Edgy. Quiz takers whose answers run the gamut receive an “Eclectic” result with photos and advice to spur their interest. Users are encouraged to share their results on social media, further amplifying and broadening the quiz’s reach.

SAF also encouraged members to capitalize on the quiz and make their prom business top of mind among consumers. SAF’s Prom Resource Center at provides members with suggested social media posts and graphics touting the Prom Quiz.

“The message we wanted to get across to high school teens is that flowers are the perfect way to highlight their personality and individuality,” Sparks said. “The Prom Quiz helped put flowers top of mind as part of prom planning among thousands of teens nationwide.”

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The SAF Prom Quiz program is possible thanks to funding from Asocolflores, which also funded SAF’s 2016 Women’s Day PR program, as well as social media efforts for the 2015 Petal It Forward program and production of the consumer video highlighting the New York City event.

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