Modified atmosphere packaging system receives prestigious American award

Posted On 07 Jul 2016
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award_united_fresh_perfotecCHICAGO, USA: Netherlands-based technology company Perfotec was awarded the innovation award for Best New Packing/ Processing Equipment at this years’ United Fresh Convention held in Chicago.

The groundbreaking technology promises to be a game changer in the floral industry. Now making it possible to store, sell and send fresh flowers without the use of water whilst maintaining their freshness.

The technique evolves around measuring the oxygen demand of flowers (every flower breathes differently) and using a laser to create just the right amount and size of holes in a special film packaging developed by Uflex Ltd, India.

The microscopically small holes created by the laser ensure that the packed flowers receive just the right amount of oxygen to stay alive. By doing so the flowers are “put to sleep” and can go without water for five days in ambient temperature. When kept in cool environments some flowers can even be kept fresh for several weeks according to Perfotec. Once the package is received by the customer and opened, the bouquet remains fresh in a vase for at least a guaranteed seven days, said Perfotec.

The award was handed out by John Toner, vice president of the United Fresh Convention to Dave van Stijn CEO of online florist, an early pioneer in the use of the technology.

“Receiving the award is a great honor and acknowledgement for the effort off all stakeholders involved,” said Van Stijn. He added, “We have seen the ground breaking technology from Perfotec combined with the special permeable film from Uflex really perform miracles in the flower supply chain”. We look forward in sharing our experience and business cases with growers, wholesale and retailers around the world.”

Commenting on the technology, PerfoTec chief executive Bas Groeneweg explained that the shelf life of flowers can be extended using the AMAP (Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging) technology, that has already a major presence globally in the fresh produce industry. “However, the humidity inside the packaging of flowers during transport can create diseases such as Botrytis, which was the great challenge. This was when Uflex Ltd, India’s largest global flexible packaging solutions company bought PerfoTec Systems for India while it was facing similar issues with mangos due to the tropical nature of the produce. The team at Uflex developed a new Biodegradable film Flexfresh™ which could keep the product breathing in hydrated oxygen and release excess humidity keeping the flowers dry.

The technology was demonstrated to the world’s largest flower wholesaler, Dutch Flower Group (DFG) where received much acclaim. One of DFG’s retail clients is the first launching partner and has now successfully integrated flowers in to their grocery home delivery service – without the hassle of using water and cooling facilities.

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