Landgard makes corporate sustainability core strategy

Posted On 07 Jul 2016
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website_landgard_screenshotSTRAELEN-HERONGEN, Germany: The Landgard competition of ideas for employees shows  sustainability concepts and ideas of employees – prizes awarded in connection with the meeting of representatives.

In connection with this year’s meeting of the representatives of Landgard eG, there again took place the prize award ceremony of the Landgard competition of ideas by employees “Löwenzahn” (“Dandelion”).

The competition was initiated in 2013 in order to take up in a purposeful way the many good ideas of employees and to implement the same in connection with a defined process.

During the Landgard Year of Sustainability the focus of this year’s competition was – correspondingly – the subject of sustainability. The employees were called upon to submit their ideas in connection with the four columns of sustainability at Landgard (Green Products, Climate, Energy and Environment, Employees and Society).

In total, 123 ideas were received from the various different areas of the company. In this way the competition again showed a significant increase in comparison to the previous year (96 ideas). These were checked for their feasibility and submitted to a jury comprising members of the Board, senior management and the specialist departments. The five best ideas, as well as the two best ideas from the group of trainees, were formally honoured at the meeting of  representatives.

Here, it became clear how different ideas can be that may serve the sustainability strategy at Landgard. In addition to the classic ideas that save on resources and thus protect the environment, but also contribute to the economic efficiency of Landgard, numerous ideas also showed up potentials on how the topic of sustainability at Landgard can be anchored even more strongly in the awareness of all employees, thus making the company fully and thoroughly sustainable.

Finally, the following ideas won awards: ideas for the improvement of working processes, a concept for the expansion of e-learning activities, a concrete idea for reducing the consumption of Diesel fuel at the Landgard logistics subsidiary Fresh Logistics System (FLS) as well as an action plan for the sustainability efforts at Landgard.

It was particularly encouraging to see the strong participation in the new Future Award for Trainees (“Azubi-Zukunftspreis”), for which around 20 applications had been received. Due to the high quality and relevance of the ideas, the jury decided to award two prizes. The ideas of the award winners concern themselves with innovative learning modules in connection with occupational training as well as additional optimisation options around the intralogistics at Landgard.

Armin Rehberg, Chairman of the Board of Landgard eG, recognised the commitment of the participants to the Landgard sustainability strategy. “At Landgard, sustainability is a central component part of the strategic orientation. The encouraging development of the number of participants shows that the competition is accepted and taken up by our employees and that they attribute to the topic of sustainability just as large a significance as we do in connection with our strategic orientation”, Rehberg said in connection with his laudatory speech. “The creativity and the ideas of our employees are what advances Landgard. This commitment, this lifeblood for our company, is what will continue to strengthen Landgard in the future, too.”

The prize award ceremony was also the start for what is meanwhile the fourth round in this competition of ideas. Here, the focus will lie on ideas around one of the columns of the Landgard sustainability strategy. We are looking for ideas in connection with sustainable employee management – a central focus in connection with the vision of Landgard as the modern and successful marketing producer cooperative.

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