GHBD Holland: promoting low tech farming to boost crop yields

Posted On 15 Jul 2016
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people_Jan Wijgerse 300dpi montageAMSTERDAM, The Netherlands: July 1st 2016 marked the beginning of a new Dutch consulting firm, GHBD Holland. Director Jan Wijgerse told FCI that his company aims at assisting growers in emerging markets. As such, low tech farming frequently offers the most promise.

Previously working as market developer for Grodan and Priva, Jan has acquired a wealth of expertise in both high tech greenhouse technology, but also in low tech farming in countries such as China.

Greenhouse technology often originates in The Netherlands. Being successful in new markets with existing technology is easy when the growing methods, facilities and climate are equal to the markets they were initially developed for. In such circumstances, one of the few prerequisites for success is a reliable distribution network.

However, the situation risks to become more challenging when cropping techniques and climate are different and horticultural expertise is lacking.

Jan Wijgerse, senior business development manager at GHBD Holland, has been working with greenhouse technology since 1977. He was actively involved in new developments, such as growing on stonewool substrates, the change from analog control to process control computers and the first heat buffers.

He is the proud winner of the coveted Fenedex Export Select Export Manager of the Year Award in 2011. This prestigious prize recognises excellence in export management. The panel of expert judges was full of praise of Stepping Stone, a grower-focused business model. The Stepping Stone model evaluates education, automation and supply chain involvement levels to draw a grower’s profile. The Stepping Stone model indicates whether the grower is at the top or at a lower level. This level makes clear which steps the grower has to take to reach the top. According to this, you can make an estimation whether your products fit this grower.  As a simple example we can say that a grower without a greenhouse will not buy a heating system. You can use the model to position yourself and see whether your plans and ambitions are realistic.

Companies within and outside the Netherlands can now make use of the services of GHBD Holland and its clients can benefit from the knowledge, the international network and experience of Jan Wijgerse. This way, they can also become successful in exporting their products.

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