Gaillardia Sunset Compact makes wonderful addition to any garden

Posted On 28 Jul 2016
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orn_gaillardia_sunset-compactSANTA BARBARA, USA: PlantHaven, an independent agency assisting plant breeders worldwide in bringing their new varieties to market, has announced the North American and EU launch of the Gaillardia Sunset Compact Series bred by the well-known company REALFLOR® in the UK. These plants are protected by US patent and EU PBR. 

There are three varieties in this portfolio:  these are Gaillardia REALFLOR COMPACT ‘Sunset Cutie, ‘Sunset Snappy’ and ‘Sunset Flash’. The vibrant color in this series makes a wonderful addition to any garden, particularly in areas of drought. Gaillardia have low water needs once established.

The plants are hardy in USDA zone 5 (-20°F or -28°C). The plants are available in the US and EU markets through Dümmen Orange in the EU and US, and several rooting stations in North America and Europe.

The blooms are colorfast and age well. The plants flower from Spring to early Fall. The habit is compact and mounding 14’ x 14”.  They are first year flowering and no vernalization is needed. Retail ready as quickly as 18 week for  an unrooted cutting. They are pollinator friendly. End users should plant them in full sun for best performance. Gaillardia are great in containers, garden beds and for landscape planting.

These Grower Notes are based on PlantHaven’s experience with this crop. Growth will vary depending on location, climate, growing medium and cultural practices. Where fertilizer & chemical use is involved, read the labels, follow the manufacturer’s instructions & practice careful trialing methods. All PlantHaven varieties are subject to patent protection.

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