French trade press calls for solidarity as industry peers suffer from widespread flooding

Posted On 09 Jun 2016
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atmosphere_rain5PARIS, France: The French news channels and Editions Média-Talents have joined forces to help and support victims of the floods in France. On the website , horticultural journalists are offering to diffuse information and bring industry professionals together. With rivers bursting their banks, a sizeable number of florist shops and garden centres are flooded. The failure of the phones and internet is a particular problem.

Once the flood water has gone down and the media is no longer interested, there is often a big silence. With this in mind Luc Narolles of the aforementioned horticultural news website urges readers to help their industry peers. “We are not leaving our industry peers and suppliers drown in their misery’ is Narolles’ call for solidarity, emphasizing that his initiative is not meant to collect donations or other financial support. It’s more about reaching out and giving a helping hand, providing moral support, while reassuring suppliers and customers that everything is under control.

Narolles invites all industry professionals to share their stories, questions and general remarks at

Meanwhile, reactions from across the country are coming in. Meung-sur-Loire-based florist Didier Gauguin, for example, is very grateful for the support offered by Narolles and his team. He runs a flower shop in the Loiret region and suffered flooding during 3 consecutive days, with the water level rising up to 50 to 60 cm in his shop. “We started our business here in 1981 but we have never seen anything like this. We are now trying to get back to normal, cleaning up and drying things out. Electricity and plaster walls will have to be repaired.”

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