French top model becomes Dutch orchid industry’s proud ambassador

Posted On 30 Jun 2016
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PARIS, France: Top model, Miss France 2001, politician, columnist and orchid aficionado Elodie Gossuin from Picardie, France has been appointed as the French ambassador to the Dutch orchid industry, providing seductive visibility to the Queen among the potted plants. Gossuin is thrilled to be the French ambassador of orchids. With her cheerful, drop dead gorgeous looks and her passion for orchids, she is eager to show everybody how orchids can make you happier.

As part of her exclusive ambassadorship, Gossuin has teamed up with the Art of Life orchid campaign to inspire and inform plant lovers about the versatility of orchids and their uses.

Orchids, including no fewer than 25,000 species, deserve a special place in the home. Just like paintings or other artworks, these exotic beauties demand to be admired. Their diverse flower shapes, colours and patterns make it easy to describe orchids as the Art of Life!

“Orchids are the essence of style, beauty and femininity As such I would crown her the Queen of Potted Plants. Being a very fashionable plant, the orchid truly is fascinating with its wide range of colours and shapes. My favourite orchid? White Cattleya because for me this flower symbolises passionate love and exceptional purity.”

The French orchid ambassador will make her first public appearance on September 1, International Orchid Day, when she will highlight the plant’s versatility.

The Art of Life orchid campaign has been rolled out in The Netherlands, Germany, the UK and France and will run until 2019. Orchid ambassadors have been appointed for each country. The honour of flying the orchid flag this year goes to Vivian Reijs (The Netherlands), Ashley James (Royaume-Uni), Barbara Meier (Germany) and  Elodie Gossuin (France).

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