First high-tech vertical farm up and running in Finland

Posted On 12 Jun 2016
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vertical farm finlandHELSINKI, Finland: Finnish greenhouse technology companies Netled and Novarbo have developed a concept, that enables grower to produce leafy greens in a closed process in extremely energy efficient way with up to 90% lower water consumption compared to traditional cultivation.

”I´ve been looking for ways to increase efficiency of my growing process. These Finnish technologies are so intelligent and advanced, that other multilayer techniques I´ve seen are left far behind. The brilliance of this concept lies in full control and high recovery of heat energy. With this technology, in addition to space efficient enhancement of growing surface, I´m also saving in heating expenses of my traditional greenhouse area. ” – Robert Jordas, owner of Robbes Little Garden

The Vertical Farm project was started by Netled´s initiative. Robert Jordas became inspired by the idea and joined the implementation of the pilot farm. Heat energy management had to be solved, which brought also Novarbo to the project with their climate- and heat recovery technologies. Netled developed water-cooled led fixture (patent pending) that can be integrated directly into Novarbo´s heat recovery system.

Robert Jordas planned and built the growing line. 500m2 pilot farm with 4 layers was installed this spring and first leafy greens are already growing on site. ”We have developed multilayer lighting already for some time together with our customers. Even though led lighting is very energy efficient, it still produces extra heat, which needs to be removed from the layers. We have worked together with Novarbo before, and knew that they can offer suitable technology and solution to this challenge. It is great, that Robert Jordas saw the benefits of this concept and invested in the pilot farm,” said Niko Kivioja, managing director Netled Oy

The Vertical Farm Concept will be launched at Greentech Amsterdam  14. – 16.6.2016. Stand 11.821. Netled’s Niko Kivioja will be among the keynote speakers at Greentech’s Energy Theatre on June 13 at 1300 hrs.

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