Brexit sparks uncertainty in ornamental horticulture

Posted On 29 Jun 2016
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politics_country_brexit_UKAALSMEER, The Netherlands: The Dutch ornamental horticulture sector faces uncertainty  about future flower and plant exports to the UK after voters opted in favour of Brexit.

“Predicting the consequences of the referendum is a difficult task,” said Royal FloraHolland chief executive Lucas Vos in an official statement released last Friday.

Vos added, “We certainly hope that we can continue our good trade relations with the UK, and want the British to have their flowers and plants.”

The UK imports 80% of its flowers and around 70% of its plants from the Netherlands. This makes it one of the most important export markets for the Dutch horticultural sector.

In 2015, approx. 17% of the total Dutch export of flowers and plants, €925 million, crossed the Channel. Especially roses, carnations and orchids are popular with the British.

For now, Royal FloraHolland will closely monitor the price situation of flowers and plants and developments in the demand from the UK.

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