TEKU VCG and VCH series complemented and extended by VTG

Posted On 24 Jan 2015
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containers_VTG_poppelmannLOHNE, Germany: For IPM 2015, Pöppelmann has carried out intensive product updates to the successful TEKU VCG and VCH plant pot series. The company from Lohne has responded to requests from growers with further pot sizes and the 8° VTG version, and sets new standards with its high-tech product for automated plant production.

The new VTG 8° pots are available in the standard sizes of 9, 13 and 14 centimetres. “There are many growers who like to use 8° pots, and we are now able to satisfy their needs”, explains Arno Zerhusen about the new series. The only difference to the 5° pots in the VCG and VCH series is the greater angle of the pot wall and the resulting smaller base diameter. Otherwise they retain the same well-proven advantages of the other series.

These include first and foremost the wider lip, which is highly valued by customers and which provides increased stability and optimal handling in fork systems. The fork and shifting systems can safely lift the pots directly under the lip with the pots staying securely on the forks.

The wide, U-shaped protruding lip enhances lateral stability, which prevents the pots from deforming even when subjected to lateral pressures in the pot magazine. The patented facet rim ensures safe stacking and easy unstacking.

The optimised diameter of the VCG 11 or VCH 11 enables a particularly high space usage. The VCG 11 or the VCH 11 fit in the NP 412, D-ST 10.5 C/15 or D-ST 10.5E/15 transport trays. Now the grower can fit 60 pots per CC shelf rather than 50 pots in the NP 410/460/480. That is an amazing 20 percent more, which has a very posative effect on transport costs.

There are also many hidden details that offer plenty of other advantages. For example, Pöppelmann has enhanced the patented multi-hole profile bottom of the TEKU VCG, VCH and VTG plant pot series with a bottom rib, which guarantees a consistent gap between the pot base and the production surface. The advantages of the multi-hole profile bottom remain unaffected. The bottom holes arranged on three levels aid succesfull production by guaranteeing fast irrigation and drainage.

Pöppelmann completes the VCG series with the 9 cm and 14 cm pot and the 14 D, which is a squat version. The grower can always continue to rely on the 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 13, 17 and 19 cm pots, depending on his needs. The VCH series also includes the pot sizes 9 and 14. Therefore, besides the 10 and 10.5 centimetre pots, now it is also possible to choose from the sizes 11, 11 volume, 13, 13 volume as well as sizes 17 and 19.

The VCH pots are higher and therefore offer a larger substrate volume. In response to the needs of horticultural practice for a small pot with extra large substrate volume, Pöppelmann has also added the VCH 9F version to the VCH range.

Today, no modern and efficient product can ignore the responsible use of resources. The new TEKU VCG, VCH and VTG range of plant pots particularly score well here thanks to the use of carefully prepared recycled material. The TEKU plant pots in the VCG, VCH und VTG range are more than just normal plant pots.


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