Silicon Solutions by Edward Bent

Posted On 13 Jan 2015
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book_silicon_solutionsBERGAMO, Italy: The use of silicon has the potential to become a fundamental tool in support of sustainable agriculture, biological/organic production and in safeguarding the environment. It can also render intensive agriculture more sustainable. There is a large body of scientific research and knowledge on the benefits to plants of an adequate supply of silicon, yet few books (if any) have attempted to transform the resulting academic information into a form more accessible to the practical interests and needs of growers and agronomists. As such, the new book Silicon Solutions by Edward Bent it is the first of its type.

Of particular note, it also emphasises the important contributions that silicon can make to improving the internal quality of produce and its post-harvest characteristics in terms of nutritional value, packing, transport, storage and distribution.

The effects of silicon on plants cannot be considered separately from its influence on soil structure, soil microorganisms and in the context of plant stress dynamics – because silicon has beneficial effects in ALL of these areas.

The new book ‘Silicon Solutions’ takes a holistic approach to the above aspects, aiming to sensibilise modern-day agriculture and the food industry to the important role that silicon can play. The work is divided into sections addressed to agricultural, horticultural and floricultural crops together with a series of tables showing positive results obtained from the use of silicon. It is written in a straightforward style and is amply illustrated. Addressed to farmers and growers, extension workers, environmentalists, students, distributors and the food industry.

A remarkable account of research, experimental trials, scientific conferences and illuminating ideas. The book addresses a real need. With strong conviction it brings together evidence, experience and scientific insight, also highlighting aspects that have not yet been adequately explored. When various silicon products and methods of application work well for growers, repeatedly, there must be scientific explanation.

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Silicon Solutions

Author: Edward Bent

Language: English

Publisher: Sestante Edizioni

ISBN: 978-88-6642-151-1

Format: Paperback 17 x 24cm

Pages: 184 plus cover including: tables graphs, diagrams and colour illustrations

Price: €39 (net of postage & packaging, any import duty and taxes).

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