Koppert’s new Cryptobug-L replaces chemical treatment of mealybugs

Posted On 24 Jan 2015
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crop_protection_crypto_bugLANSINGERLAND, Netherlands: Koppert Biological Systems will introduce the new product Cryptobug-L to the market at the beginning of February. Cryptobug-L is concerned with larval stages two and three of the predatory beetle Cryptolaemus montrouzieri. These larvae have a voracious appetite and are particularly successful at tackling mealybug hot-spots. For some crops, Cryptobug-L can replace the chemical treatment of mealybugs.

The greedy larvae are particularly effective in treating mealybug hot-spots, in ornamentals, and vegetable crops. Furthermore, Cryptobug-L is also extremely effective in outdoor crops in warmer regions; it can be used at temperatures starting from 16 °C. Cryptobug-L will be launched on the market together with the existing Cryptobug (adult beetles).

Koppert delivers the larvae ready to go. Once released into the crop, they immediately go in search of their prey. Though Cryptolaemus montrouzieri larvae are highly active, they cannot fly. It is precisely because of this that the larvae can tackle the mealybugs so powerfully.

Research indicates that Cryptobug-L is as effective as chemical treatments. This means that Cryptobug-L can take the place of chemical sprays, and it in turn reduces the risk of resistance developing.

Repeated use of the larvae is the most successful method of pest control. Under ideal conditions the larvae can complete their life cycle, and this ensures continuous pest control of mealybugs.

Koppert Biological Systems is able to offer Cryptobug-L at a highly competitive price. This makes it possible to deploy the right introduction quantities, which translate into more effective treatment of hot-spots. The product is packaged in a 0.5 litre bottle containing 1000 larvae.

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