Demokwekerij Westland welcomes new partner BOAL Systemen

Posted On 23 Jan 2015
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technology_greenhouse_roof_boal‘s-GRAVENZANDE, Netherlands: Demokwekerij Westland, the leading research and demonstration greenhouse for horticultural technologies in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce that BOAL Systemen, is its newest partner effective 1 February 2015. BOAL Systemen is an international supplier of aluminium greenhouse roof and facade systems.

In addition to its renowned Venlo, widespan and MX cabrio greenhouse systems, BOAL Systemen supports the development of more specialised structures such as the ID Kas®, the Daylight Greenhouse® and the 2SaveEnergy Greenhouse®.

BOAL Systemen works constantly on developing product and system innovations for use all over the world, and sees the Demokwekerij as an excellent location for presenting them to a wide and dedicated audience. Boal also plans to use the Demokwekerij for hosting a range of customer and supplier events.

According to BOAL managing director Frank Boers, this new partnership will create excellent synergy effects. “Demokwekerij Westland will receive a positive impulse in terms of high quality aluminium greenhouse systems, and BOAL Systemen will come into contact with potential business partners from all over the world.”’

BOAL Systemen is a leading, innovative developer and manufacturer of aluminium roof and facade systems, particularly for the horticultural industry. With more than 40 years’ experience as an independent provider, it specialises primarily in custom-made construction solutions and prides itself on its close working relationships with growers, greenhouse construction companies and other partners. Thanks in part to this approach, BOAL Systemen has gone on to become the market leader in its segment.

The Demokwekerij Westland is located in Honselersdijk and was established in 2001. The demonstration facility includes a showcase for the partners of the Demokwekerij Westland and 35 different sections, where various tests on lighting, substrates, logistics, automation and climate control are carried out. The location enables professional greenhouse growers, horticultural suppliers and researchers to use and test the latest horticultural technologies in an atmosphere comparable to the daily routine.

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