Delaware Valley Floral Group acquires Gallagher’s Floral Supply in PA

Posted On 19 Jan 2015
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general-american-wholesale2PLAINS TWP, USA: A floral supply company that has been in business for decades is changing ownership. Gallagher’s Floral Supply was purchased by Delaware Valley Floral Group. Ken Wilkins, vice president of business development for Delware Valley, said that there are “a lot of moving pieces right now” in the actual acquisition, but he said Gallagher’s last day of business will be on Friday. Delaware Valley will then assume operations at the location off River Street on Monday.

Despite the changing of the guard, Wilkins said owner Paul Galagher and the rest of the employees will keep their jobs. He added that drivers are going through the interview process, and hoped to rehire most of the current drivers as well. “Most of the staff that’s worked for Gallagher for many years will work for our team,” Wilkins said.

According to its website, Delaware Valley Floral Group has been providing retail florists with flowers and floral supplies for more than 50 years. Delaware Valley Floral is based in Sewell, New Jersey. Wilkins said the company is the largest wholesale company in North America, and has a distribution fleet of over 100 delivery trucks.

He also said that the company has a vast inventory and gives customers the ability to order products online. Locally, Wilkins said the acquisition, along with the delivery infrastructure, will mean quicker deliveries and longer-lasting products.

Anna Wadas, co-owner of A&M Floral Express in Wilkes-Barre, said she tried to order from Delaware Valley Floral Group before, but the distance made it hard. “Now that they’re local, hopefully they’re bringing better, more modern stuff,” she said.

Wadas explained that because more retail stores are selling floral supplies, competition for her store is only increasing. She thought the acquisition would mean more products not only for her business, but for her customers as well.

Wilkins also said that the acquisition would directly benefit consumers. “They’re going to have access to a lot more products,” he said. “They’re going to be able to get better and more consistent, early delivery time.”


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