A new wind is blowing at FloraHolland

Posted On 23 Jan 2015
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people_lucas_vosAALSMEER, Netherlands: FloraHolland’s newly appointed CEO announced at the auction’s General Member’s Meeting (ALV) in December that organisational agility will be critical for FloraHolland future success and that there is an urgent need to reduce the number of business activities and projects his organisation is involved in. “Our first goal is to transform the FloraHolland cooperative applying the Lean business approach. Second comes the priority given to the priority is given to promotion of flowers and plants,” said Vos.

FloraHolland will end the majority of its projects including important activities as direct sales to supermarket chains and DIY stores as well as the participation in Frederique’s Choice, a lifestyle brand for the high end of the market including bouquets, bulbs, bags, vases and other accessories.

In less than one year, Lucas Vos managed to change FloraHolland’s business culture and attitude Not only ended he the conflict between the organisation and its personnel by reaching a new collective labour agreement with the unions, he also played a major role in bringing the auction back on speaking terms with the floral wholesalers and their trade association, VGB.

Meanwhile, Vos is also looking for ways to end the discussions in court with wholesale clients in Westland and Rijnsburg.

Working closely together with Rens Buchwald, Lucas Vos is also one of the driving forces behind FloraHolland’s new business strategy. The May issue of FloraCulture International business magazine will tell the story behind the new wind that is blowing at FloraHolland.

FCI publisher Jaap Kras commented, “My impression is that FlorHolland has found in Lucas Vos a new Hercules who has taken an essential step in cleaning the stables. Everything indicates that he is in the right direction.”

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