Legro announces next generation coir substrate

Posted On 24 Jul 2014
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Legro substraat voor fruit, aardbeienHELMOND, the Netherlands: Legro, a leading manufacturer and supplier of coco peat coir products, today announced the launch of its 4th generation coir substrate: Legro Coir Air-Line.

What’s new is that the familiar Legro strawberry coir has been enhanced with perlite, making it more porous, more stable and more suitable for use for several seasons. Perlite is expanded volcanic rock that makes the mixture airier and ensures better drainage. Combined with the properties of effectively buffered coco coir it ensures a mixture that remains stable for a long time, enabling growers to control their crops’ development more accurately.

The addition of perlite makes Legro Coir Air-Line a porous, stable growing medium with which growers can promote generative growth in the first phase of their crops’ development. The medium retains little water in later phases too, preventing the risk of a too wet substrate during critical periods. Growers of soft fruit, in particular strawberries and raspberries, need an airy, stable growing medium that drains well, especially in the later phases of their perennial crops.

Three generations of coco coir preceded Coir Air-Line. Legro started out supplying rinsed coir. The company then became one of the first suppliers to buffer its coir; that was the 2nd generation. Further refinement of Legro’s buffering process resulted in the coir of its 3rd generation, characterised by a low silicon content and a low EC. The company is now launching its 4th generation coir substrate: a mixture that more closely meets the requirements of specific crops, in particular strawberries and raspberries. Coir Air-Line consists of effectively buffered coco coir with low Si/EC values to which perlite has been added. A growing medium that enables soft fruit growers to optimally control their crops’ development and benefit from its advantages in every phase.

The Legro group, which consists of Legro Potgrond, Legro Transport and Topterra, is currently run by the 4th generation of the founding family. It has three production facilities in the Netherlands, one in Germany,  one in Belgium, one in India and one in Latvia. Its sales offices are located in the Netherlands and Australia. Legro is one of the biggest suppliers of substrates and growing media in Europe. It supplies custom-made blends to tree nurseries, growers of cuttings and seedlings and growers of various kinds of soft fruit. Topterra specialises in casing soil for mushroom growers worldwide, and Legro Transport reliably handles deliveries to customers. The entire group works to the highest quality standards.

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