Floricultura “A World to be Conquered“ seminar provides significant food for thought

Posted On 03 Jul 2014
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events_floricultura_seminar_june2014HEEMSKERK, the Netherlands:  On June 12th, Floricultura, a leading orchid breeder and producer of orchid young plants, pushed the boundaries and addressed an exciting range of future challenges facing the orchid industry when it organised a seminar at their premises in Heemskerk, the Netherlands entitled ‘A World to be Conquered ‘.

The seminar begun with a welcome and an introduction to the afternoon by Mr. Jan Post of Floricultura. A seasoned orchid expert and one of the driving forces behind the seminar, Post stressed that it is more important than ever to work together. “The time when orchid professionals were managing by themselves has long gone. No man is an island and the very essence  of innovation is openness, curiosity and the knowledge exchange. The world has become a global village, national boundaries fade away while technology develops at dazzling speed.  It is in everybody’s interest that we reinforce and complement each other.”

The day’s chair, Jeroen Toet announced Dr. ir. Sander Hogewoning and ing. Sander Pot as the first speakers. Both researchers discussed the latest findings resulting from the orchid lighting trial. Their research revealed that smart lighting in orchids can save energy while conserving product quality and yields.

Hogewoning and Pot told their audience that using light levels which are higher in the finishing stage than in the vegetative phase has proven to be of not much consequence. Their statements generated a lively reaction from the audience and this exciting mix of theory and practical application was exactly the purpose of the seminar.

Trendwatcher Mr. Adjiedj Bakas, offered a glimpse into the orchid’s future which will be dominated by consumers who will become increasingly picky about what they want to pay for. “Today’s consumers not only want more choice but also better choice. Consumers are willing to pay more for a value-added product  with health being an important issue. Narrowing the topic down to the orchid industry growers could for instance look to the health benefits of their plants. Can orchid leaves or flowers be used as a substitute for sugar?”, asked Bakas his audience of around 100 orchid professionals. He added, ”What I really mean to say is that looking beyond borders and being somewhat more courageous can give wonderful insights.”

Jan Post concluded by announcing that Floricultura is soon to launch a completely retooled website, which will strongly focus on knowledge exchange. “Our new website promises to be a Wiki-inspired Orchipedia as Floricultura aims at maintaining, and preferably bolstering its strong market position by sharing and working together.”



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