FloraHolland sees higher cut flower and house plant sales, drop in garden plant sales

Posted On 09 Jul 2014
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auctions_floraholland_rose_AALSMEER, the Netherlands: There were 20 auction days in June; the same number as last year. On the whole, the weather held out over the June Pentecost holidays, offering the right balance of sun and warm temperatures, while  June 2013 was a cool and dreary month.

It is difficult to determine how the weather affects the market. In the case of garden plants, it did not cause the demand to be bigger than last year, as both suppliers and prices stayed under the levels achieved in 2013. The price and supply of cut flowers and house plants, on the other hand, performed positively and the month ended on a plus, with an increase in turnover of 3.1% and 3.1% more units sold. This is quite a difference to the month of May, in which overall turnover dropped by 17%.

On average, cut flowers brought in €0.003 more than last year. Peonies contributed considerably to this, thanks to an increase in price of €0.10. In June of last year, the peony supply was much larger thanks to the late season, which put pressure on the price. The price was also better for gerberas, which achieved an average price of €0.12; an increase of more than €0.02 with the same level of supply. This is positive in comparison to last year, but it should also be mentioned that in May, gerberas were selling for €0.16. A positive outlier for cut flowers was the eustomas. Even though 10% more units were sold, each stem sold for €0.03 more. In the top 10, only roses and chrysanthemums – the two products with the highest turnover in June – saw their prices drop, although the reduction in price did not apply to roses produced in the Netherlands. In fact, Dutch roses cost on average €0.06 more than last year.

The overall price of house plants in June was €0.04 higher than in June 2013, with an increase in supply of 1.6%. An important contributor was the increase in the supply of phalaenopsis (+9%). The reduction in the price of phalaenopsis remained limited, which made it possible for the turnover to increase by 7%. In comparison with last year, kalanchoe performed positively, with its price increasing by €0.16 and its supply by 1%.

House hydrangeas also performed positively, with its price increasing by €0.13 and its supply by 9%. Among the flowering plants, flamingo flowers (June’s houseplant of the month) showed the highest increase in supply (+12%). Even though this resulted in a lower price for flamingo flowers, their turnover increased by 5%. It was yet another disappointing month for zantedeschias: less supply and a price that was lower than the level achieved in 2013. The only non-flowering houseplant in the top 10, dragon trees, achieved the highest increase in supply (36%).

This May, FloraHolland saw its turnover in garden plants drop by 27%. In June, the market did recover somewhat, but turnover remained 10% behind that of last year. The average price remained just under €1.00, and the number of units sold dropped by 10%. This reduction in the number of units sold was primarily observed among products that fall outside the top 10, such as dianthus, balloon flowers and osteospermum. There were strong increases in supply, however, and the most striking increase was that of garden hydrangeas (38%), which gave rise to a drop in prices of more than €1.00.



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