FloraHolland members back proposal to cover 2013 loss

Posted On 11 Jul 2014
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people_Lucas-Vos[1]AALSMEER, the Netherlands: During the General Members’ Meeting of the Royal Flower Auction Cooperative FloraHolland on Thursday, July 10, the members voted unanimously in favour of a resolution to cover the 2013 losses. 

A 78% majority of the members present voted in favour of contributing €11 million to cover the loss. Part of the liquidity contribution (25%) was put towards this. The remainder (75%) will be deposited in the members’ loan account. The remaining net loss of €15.6 million will be charged to the general reserve. After taking this important decision, the meeting approved the annual accounts.

The attendance at the ALV on July 10 was high, 372 members. They represent 26.2% of the voters, and that is almost twice the usual turnout. With this result and the number of votes in favour of the proposal, the members of FloraHolland have given a strong signal that they stand behind the cooperative.

It was necessary to hold this second ALV on July 10 because an earlier loss coverage proposal was voted down in the regular meeting held on June 5. General director Lucas Vos stated, “The outcome of the ALV on June 5 led to extensive discussions with and among the members about their cooperative. I am delighted with this outcome. The financial issue has been responsibly solved with this decision and the intensive interaction with the members has strengthened the cooperative. Both aspects are essential for our future.”


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