W. F. Leenen to host ‘Growing For Next Generations’ event

Posted On 23 Feb 2014
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orn_narcissus2VOORHOUT, the Netherlands:  W.F. Leenen, a leading company in the breeding of daffodils, Sonatinis (Amaryllaecea) and Fritallaria, today announced its in-house trade exhibition ‘Growing For Next Generations’, which is set to open its doors at the company’s premises in Voorhout on February 24th. The exhibition will last around two weeks and showcase the latest breeding breakthroughs and technological developments in the bulb industry. Entrance to the industry-only event is free of charge.

“The final curtain has fallen on a number of premier horticultural trade shows, but W.F. Leenen continues to need a platform to showcase its new products, which in many ways are unique. That’s why we decided to organise our own show,” said the company’s managing director, Mr. Jaco Leenen.

The exhibition will focus on daffodils, Fritillaria and Sonatini. “We have a lot of exciting new things to show,” said Leenen. He added, “It’s a well-known fact that breeding is time consuming and it can take many years before a new variety is commercially viable and ready to be marketed. This year, however, we are proud to announce a record number of innovative products. We are eager to share them with domestic and international customers. Perfectly in line with the ‘Growing For Next Generation’ theme, the event isn’t just any ordinary sale day, it’s practically a miniature festival, showcasing the newest in bulb flowers and potted bulbs as well as trends.”

The W. F. Leenen company is one of the leading flower growers in the world and has traditionally been located in the bulb area ‘Duin-en Bollenstreek’, the Netherlands. In 2011, the company opened  a brand new office in Voorhout, which now serves as the epicentre of all business activities.

W.F. Leenen has acquired a wealth of experience in Narcissus breeding and prioritises innovation as it is integral to their business. This approach has resulted in a large number of new daffodil varieties such as ‘Contemporary Art’, ‘Sagitta’ and ‘Innovator’.

W. F. Leenen has gained international recognition for their ground-breaking research on growing cut daffodils on a substrate mix of sea shells and works closely together with the pharmaceutical industry to extract useful substances for drugs and cosmetics. W.F. Leenen is a truly international business  with up to 95% of the flowers and bulbs destined for export. In 2002,  the company was presented with the  ‘Dutch Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year Award’, the most prestigious prize in the country’s agricultural sector .





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