Valentine ‘buy NZ Grown’ says NZ Flower Industry

Posted On 14 Feb 2014
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1NEW ZEALAND: We are all romantics at heart it seems. And somehow when the heart is involved small issues like cost seem to melt away. Despite this the more discerning and budget conscious consumer will most likely be looking to find a bargain when searching for the perfect red bloom.

With cheap roses likely to flood into the country from India (358,000 stems came in during February 2013, Mothers Day was even bigger) local growers look to what can be done to encourage the Valentines buyer to ‘buy NZ Grown’. The PR Agency will be concentrating in their press release campaign this month on key aspects of buying local:

The PR Campaign will cover the following key communication elements and vehicles.

It is important for New Zealanders to know three things in the lead up to Valentine’s Day this year

1.People buying flowers need to know where they are coming from. Are they from overseas and therefore drenched in Round Up/ chemicals to prevent the importation of insects? And if so, they will have a shorter shelf life.  Or are they from local growers who produce a ‘longer lasting’ flower and who deserve New Zealander’s support?

2.The history of Valentine’s Day and the strong romantic feelings red flowers in particular evoke.  This will encourage flower purchases.

3.The huge amount of work, effort and care from local flower growers that goes into preparing flowers for Valentine’s Day.  This provides a human angle for the media to focus on.

To get these messages across to the New Zealand public PR will be directed at individual reporters on the main current affairs television programmes.

The offer of opportunities to visit with a local flower grower to see exactly what work goes into preparing for Valentine’s Day.

Diseminate the main story to the main national radio stations – and key personalities with an empathy for green issues.

A general press release will go out to all media including TV news, radio stations and newspapers around the country in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

This press release would cover all three angles. Follow up with any requests for interviews.

There are a variety of high profile news bloggers and ‘social commentators’ who are active on social media and who feed material into the mainstream news machine.  Key players will be targetted to ensure all possible media outlets are covered.

A detailed media log of all coverage and report it to the Association after Valentine’s Day.

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