The world’s first downy mildew high resistant variety of ornamental Helianthus!

Posted On 10 Feb 2014
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untitledDE KWAKEL, the Netherlands: After years of intensive traditional breeding, Takii Seed has made it happen: a resistance to Downy Mildew in cut-Helianthus.

Downy Mildew (DM) is by far the largest problem in ornamental sunflower production. With the ability to wipe out large portions of sunflower crops, growers know that Downy Mildew is one of the most devastating diseases to strike sunflower production. A soil borne pathogen that travels via water with ‘swimming’ spores, Downy Mildew can be costly for growers.  Beside monitoring and pro actively employing the right chemical management practices growers have from now onwards access to high resistant seed on commercial scale.

In  December 2009 The Wageningen UR,  section Applied Plant Research Lisse confirmed that the new variety had a high resistance  to Downy Mildew. To examine the resistance  a bioassay was performed. The bioassay was performed according to the standard procedure which Applied Plant Research developed together with Tom Gulya from USDA-ARS Northern Crop Science Laboratory (Fargo, ND Idaho USA).  It appeared under laboratory conditions that none of the seedlings of this new variety were susceptible to DM. The control, a commercial variety which was used as comparison, showed that up to 72% of the seedlings were affected by Downy Mildew

Sunrich Orange DMR F1 is resistant to multiple races of Downy Mildew (Plasmopara halstedii). The DMR (Downy Mildew Resistant) breakthrough added value provides substantial benefits for cut flower production with high yield results and reduction of chemical use.

The plant height, growing speed and the flower shape and colour of Sunrich Orange DMR F1 is similar to the existing and market leading variety Sunrich Orange F1. The flowers are pollen free, and long lasting densely petaled on strong stems. The variety flowers in 65-85 days after sowing, depending on growing conditions. Suitable for Spring to Summer cultivation with growing and sowing under long-day conditions.

Where growers last year tested the new variety on a large scale with positive result, we are now offering seeds on a pre-commercial scale.

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