The new TEKU MQE growing pot: rounding the square

Posted On 08 Feb 2014
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Presse_MQE_GB_IPM 2014LOHNE, Germany: TEKU Pöppelmann has not actually managed to square the circle but has done the next-best thing! The new MQE square-round growing pot range has the advantages of the standard round and square pots all rolled into one. Pöppelmann (Lohne) is launching the new TEKU MQE at the IPM in Essen, initially in two sizes.

The dimensions of the 1-litre container are 11 x 11 x 11 cm, while the 14 x 14 x 14 version has a capacity of 2 litres. The new MQE containers provide the rounded, visually harmonious look that consumers love, but now combined with something that really matters to the grower: the more efficient utilisation of space offered by square pots.

The new MQEs clearly make much better use of space than standard round pots with the same volume. Pöppelmann has also incorporated the familiar, tried-and-tested multi-hole cross bottom in these growing pots. In today’s cultivation process, hassle-free watering and drainage are key to successful cultivation. The new TEKU MQE will be available starting in spring 2014, initially in black as standard.

Another advantage of the square pot is that there are tag locks on all sides. This saves time trying to locate them, so they will always be on the correct/same side. This makes inserting tags quicker and more efficient. The tag locks also hold the tag securely and reliably in place.

Once ready, the MQE pots can then be easily inserted into the transport trays with all the tags facing the same direction. Because all the tags are facing the same way, consumers will always be able to see them. Therefore, it does not matter whether the plants are sold from a CC trolley or a display bench.

Pöppelmann remains true to form with this well-thought-out concept, with a growing pot that caters for much more than just handling during the production process. Genuine TEKU added value makes a positive contribution all the way through to the retailer, and the new MQE range is an excellent example.

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