TEKU expands its Normpack range

Posted On 07 Feb 2014
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Presse_Normpack 300_GB_IPM 2014LOHNE, Germany: Alongside the tried-and-tested Normpack 200 and 400 ranges, there is now also a new 300 range. With dimensions of 31.5 x 56 cm, four trays fit on a CC trolley, thus ensuring an optimised loading factor. Making the best use of space is a real benefit during transportation.

The first two trays in the new 300 range are designated NP 306 and NP 312. NP 306 is designed to hold six 17 cm pots, while NP 312 takes twelve 12 cm pots. A special structural “Bridge” design improves stability. This reinforcement means that even quite heavy loads can be carried securely.

With the benefit of experience, Pöppelmann is producing two versions of the 300 range from the outset. Sales Manager Arno Zerhusen comments: “We know that many growers use the trays for production, too, so they value proper watering and drainage.” “Version D of the Normpack 300 is for these customers.” Version D has precision-cut holes in the bottoms so that it can be used as a cultivation tray.

The standard version has a closed bottom. This facilitates watering during transportation, or even in the shop, without water dripping out. Any excess water drains via the overflow. The new 300 trays are available in burgundy/black as standard.

Growers can count on the familiar benefits of Normpack trays with TEKU’s NP 306 and NP 312. They all have the smooth rim without sharp edges, thus reducing the risk of injury when carrying them. Thanks to the plastics expertise of Pöppelmann engineers, the trays have a uniform, moulded shape, so stacking is no problem at all.

As the trays are manufactured using state-of-the-art, high-performance machines, Pöppelmann has reduced its consumption of materials for an environmentally friendly production process, and is also able to rely on high-quality recycled materials. Thus, the new Normpack 300 range gives growers a new, high-quality TEKU product made to Pöppelmann’s exacting standards. The launch of NP 306 and NP 312 is planned for this spring. However, Pöppelmann is already planning on introducing additional sizes, for 10.5 and 15 cm pots.

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