OASIS® GROWER SOLUTIONS & it’s FLORALIFE® MICROBLOC® DISINFECTANT now approved for food prep surfaces

Posted On 16 Feb 2014
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untitledKENT, OH: In an effort to address the growing needs of the edible crop market, OASIS® Grower Solutions (OGS) is excited to announce that its EPA-registered effective antimicrobial greenhouse disinfectant, Floralife® MicroBLOC®, is now approved for use in food preparation areas. For edible crop growers who prepare their produce for market right in their greenhouse, this is big news, as the product provides them with a single-source disinfecting solution.

Floralife@ MicroBLOC® disinfectant has always played a key role in OGS’ successful three-part greenhouse cleaning and disinfecting system – which includes Floralife® P.A.C. Professional Agricultural Cleaner® and Floralife STRIP-IT® cleaner – but now it can also be used to eradicate harmful bacteria like E. Colis on greenhouse surfaces where edible crops are handled.

“We’re excited to provide edible crop growers with a product that’s not only effective in disinfecting their greenhouse during traditional ornamental plant production,” begins OGS Grower Research Manager, Dr. Vijay Rapaka, “but can be used during edible crop production, as well. This is a huge deal, as we see the tremendous growth in hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic food harvest,” confirms Rapaka.

MicroBLOC® is a unique quaternary ammonia which provides a quick pathogen removal, with residual action that lasts 14 days. As an EPA-registered effective antimicrobial disinfectant designed for use by wholesale and retail florists, shippers and greenhouses, MicroBLOC® disinfects hard, nonporous surfaces such as flower buckets, tool, floors and walls of coolers, design and packing benches and counter tops. It is also formulated to effectively eliminate offensive odors caused by mold and mildew.

In addition to its expanded application for the food preparation arena, MicroBLOC® can now also be used as an overtop spray fungicide for ornamental crops. So plants like orchids that typically suffer from Botrytis, seedlings that suffer from Downy mildew, and even Dogwoods that suffer from Anthracnose can get relief. For the increasing number of growers who straddle the line between ornamental and edible crop production, MicroBLOC® disinfectant provides a uniquely all-in-one solution.

To get more information about how FloraLife® MicroBLOC® can help disinfect your greenhouse, food preparation surfaces, or even be used as a fungicide on your plants, visit the “Cleaners” product section at www.oasisgrower.com .

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