November cut flower imports continue

Posted On 19 Feb 2014
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Nflowerlink_roses_2EW ZEALAND: The latest information on cut flower importation into New Zealand shows for Roses and Lilies there is a trend of more imports in November 2013 than was the case in 2012. The main player is India where increased seasonal volumes and low pricing are likely to be impacting on local growers pricing and sales.

ROSES – Rose stem volumes are up 2013 for both importing countries India (145,600 stems) and Colombia (42,760 stems) and while November is the beginning of a tailing off of imports Indian roses exceeded October imports against the normal trend. Rose prices per stem show Indian roses dropping to a low of 23c per stem whereas Colombian roses are holding pricing consistancy around 88c per stem. The Indian floriculture market whilst historically unsophisticated is currently in focus from it’s government to increase the efficiency of freight and cold chain systems all with a view to growing export capabilities even further.

LILIES – Imports down on October 2013 following normal seasonality from India, with a stem price of 1.80. No importation from China in November was recorded.

CHRYSANTHEMUMS – As usual Malaysia is the key player here but again November saw a spike to 18,600 stems against the declining seasonal trend, priced at 1.08 per stem down from 1.14 in October.

ORCHIDS – Malaysian imports are down in November following trend, at a stem value of 1.50, slightly down on Octobers stem price of 1.58.

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