Large cutaway highlights the potential of printed pots

Posted On 06 Feb 2014
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Presse_PT_GB_IPM 2014LOHNE, Germany: At the IPM 2014, TEKU Pöppelmann is continuing the success story of its marketing trays, adding more sizes to the PT range. Pöppelmann has developed the new trays in the PT range with deeply dipped side walls specially for displaying printed and coloured pots.

For the new spring season, printed 10.5, 12 and 13 cm pots can now communicate their message to customers even while sitting in the tray. The open sides of the tray provide the best possible view of each individual pot. This is a distinct advantage for self-marketing of products, making each pot a great visual attraction. The new trays thus offer a real alternative to transparent trays.

To effectively support marketing efforts at every level, there are tag slots on both short sides of the trays. The tags can be clearly seen from both sides, making it easier to identify the product on the trolley.

Of course, design must not interfere with functionality. The pots need to arrive safely at their destination. This is why Pöppelmann puts such emphasis on the pots’ accuracy of fit in the trays. This means the pots are quick and easy to insert, yet they remain completely secure during transportation. Moreover, TEKU marketing trays are specifically designed to enable hassle-free marketing even of hanging bedding plants with plant supports.

In addition, again taking account of the differing needs of producers, Pöppelmann offers two versions of the trays. Version 1 has a closed bottom with water overflow, thus providing a reservoir of water for the plants during transportation. Many growers also want to use the trays as cultivation trays, so there is also a Version D with holes punched in the bottom. These ensure the best possible watering and drainage for plants during cultivation.

In its choice of sizes, Pöppelmann was also very much aware of the need to make the best use of space on a CC trolley. They are 56 cm long and 25 cm wide. Thus, five trays fit on one CC trolley. With eight holes for 12 and 13 cm pots per tray, 40 plants can thus be loaded and marketed per CC trolley. Trays for 10.5 cm pots with ten holes can thus take 50 plants on one CC trolley.

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