IPA mourns the loss of the ‘father of Hawai’I’s Protea industry’

Posted On 17 Feb 2014
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untitledPAARL, South Africa: The International Protea Association (IPA) mourns the loss of one of our pioneers – Dr Phil Parvin – and recognise his contribution to our industry.

Dr. Philip Eugene Parvin passed away at home in Port Charlotte, Florida, on September 17, 2013.  He was born July 3, 1927, in Manatee, Florida, to Clinton Fisk Parvin and Beatrice Ward Parvin.

Dr Parvin started his Protea career at the Maui Research Station at the College of Tropical Agriculture of Hawai’i. He was known by local growers as ‘the father of Hawai’i’s Protea industry’, and was also instrumental in encouraging the widespread production of Proteas worldwide, through his personal enthusiasm and his valuable contributions to scientific research.

In 2007, in his honour, a deep red Leucospermum was named for him  – Leucospermum ‘Phil Parvin’. He is remembered and missed. The IPA joins his family in requesting all who knew him to please honour the memory of Dr. Parvin by caring for others and spending time with loved ones.

Obituaries with more detail on Dr Parvin’s achievements and contribution to the Protea industry are posted on the IPA website ( www.ipa-protea.org )

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