Fleuroselect announces 4 new Gold Medal awards

Posted On 28 Feb 2014
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untitledNOORDWIJK, the Netherlands: Fleuroselect, the international organisation for the ornamental plants industry, proudly announces four new Gold Medal awards that will be available to the wholesale as of 2014 and in retail as of 2015.

The Fleuroselect Gold Medal is awarded to new varieties that have been tested by Fleuroselect’s expert and independent judges at trial grounds across Europe and proven to clearly supersede existing varieties in terms of breeding innovation and beauty.

Additional information and images are published in our website’s Plants section: www.fleuroselect.com/goldmedals 

Begonia cultivars California Sunlight – Selecta Klemm

Come rain or shine, Begonia cultivars California Sunlight ensures a warm glow on the patio or in the garden. This newcomer is a semi-upright, bushy plant with great garden performance all summer long. Its abundant, large orange flowers beam above the dark foliage and cascade down the plant, leaving a swirl of colour from late spring until the first frost. This cutting-raised variety will stand out in pots, hanging baskets and containers as a solitary attraction or centre piece, but will also look wonderful in mixed beddings. California Sunlight is drought and rain tolerant and thrives in full sun and shade.

Fleuroselect awards a Gold Medal to breakthroughs in breeding, the main criteria being innovation, beauty and use. The jury highly appreciated this Begonia’s improvements at grower level and is convinced that growers and retailers will be equally enthusiastic. Rewarded for its outstanding overall performance, California Sunlight now glows as a 2015 Gold Medal winner.  

Impatiens hawkerii Florific® Sweet Orange – Syngenta Flowers

Florific® Sweet Orange is the first bicolour in seed-raised New Guinea Impatiens. Thanks to its excellent branching habit, this Impatiens hawkerii is a showy, full plant with huge flowers presenting splendidly above the foliage. This shade-lover is an exceptional variety for hanging baskets and window boxes, for edges and flower borders and for massing beneath taller plants. Florific® Sweet Orange: two colours in one plant, now also from seed!

Entries in the Fleuroselect Trials which score high on innovation, beauty, use and garden performance are granted a Gold Medal. This prestigious award symbolizes excellence in breeding and beauty. The jury highly appreciated the breeding achievement in introducing bicolour genetics into seed-raised Impatiens hawkerii. Therefore, Fleuroselect awarded Florific® Sweet Orange with a Gold Medal for the 2015 season. 

Lavandula stoechas Bandera Purple – Kieft Seed

Cute and compact, a winning combination! Bandera Purple is the first commercially compact Lavandula stoechas raised from seed. Thanks to its excellent branching, this newcomer shows an abundance of spikes carrying dark purple flowers with purple flags while the plant height does not exceed 20 cm. This half-hardy annual will thrive in pots, containers or beddings in temperate climates. Lovely, little and from seed: Bandera Purple represents the new generation of lavendula stoechas!

A Fleuroselect Gold Medal is awarded to real innovations in ornamental breeding and an early-flowering, small-sized Lavandula stoechas from seed absolutely fits the bill.“A genuine breakthrough”, stated the Fleuroselect jury. The judges were particularly impressed with Bandera Purple’s compact plant habit and floriferousness, and awarded this exceptional Lavandula stoechas a Gold Medal.  

Osteospermum ecklonis Akila Daisy White – PanAmerican Seed

A whirl of white in the garden? Akila Daisy White is the first F1 hybrid seed-raised Osteospermum ecklonis with white flowers and yellow disks. Moreover, this new variety flowers earlier and more freely from early spring to late autumn. Akila Daisy White thrives best in a pot, container or border in a temperate climate. Perfect for adding a flurry of white to gardens, this Osteospermum ecklonis has numerous flowers that open during day and close at night. Akila Daisy winks the day away, now also in white!

Fleuroselect awards a Gold Medal to genuine breakthroughs in breeding. Being the first F1 hybrid Osteospermum from seed in this colour, this newcomer impressed the Fleuroselect judges with its unique, white shade. The jury underlined the advantages for growers and retailers as this white Osteospermum complements the existing range beautifully. Therefore, Akila Daisy White has truly earned its spot in the Fleuroselect Gold Medal gallery. 


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