CPVO and KAVB look to strengthen co-operation

Posted On 12 Feb 2014
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untitledANGERS, France: Enhanced cooperation in denomination testing with the Royal General Bulb Grower’s Association (KAVB).

With about 1 600 members, this Dutch association is active in the flower bulb sector. The KAVB gathers and registers all cultivars for the flower bulb industry and plays a major role in the area of name-giving and registration of bulbous, cormous and tuberous-rooted plants.

This registration is officially recognised and a precondition for the export of bulbs to some countries.

As a consequence of its registrations activity, it is not uncommon that the CPVO receives applications or requests for advices from Member States for ornamental bulb propagated species, which have been first registered or applied for registration at the KAVB. In case the denomination proposed is deemed to be unsuitable by the CPVO, this creates a conflict with the register held by KAVB.

The CPVO and the KAVB have already cooperated for several years in the framework of the exchange of data and information. During its meeting of 2 October 2013, the Administrative Council of the CPVO agreed to the principle that the Dutch association joins the enhanced cooperation in denomination testing for a test period of 1 year. The KAVB will ask the CPVO for advice after having checked in the Variety Finder the suitability of denomination proposals. As a consequence, the denominations will be automatically included in the CPVO database at an earlier stage of the registration procedure and will be taken into account in the results of subsequent tests made by all users of the Variety Finder. An assessment report will be provided to the Administration Council at the end of 2014.

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