Flier launches Popper PM31

Posted On 18 Oct 2012
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technology_flier_popperBARENDRECHT, the Netherlands, October 18, 2012: Flier, a leading producer of grading machines, has launched the Popper PM31 which removes non- and badly germinated young plants out of trays. The Popper PM31 is suited for the greenhouse production of flowers and vegetables and ensures a uniform production while saving space, time and money.
The Popper can simply be moved towards the trays and can be adjusted for a different tray size within minutes. Its accuracy is amazing, by using high res camera images. The machine has a capacity of 600 trays per hour and is equipped with a touch screen control panel. The quality requirements for each sort of plant can be adjusted and saved.
For its development, Flier teamed up with Eindhoven-based Aris which provided the latest IT solutions such as tray scanning under LED lights and two digital colour cameras allowing for images with high resolution and colour fastness. On base of these images, the machine decides whether young plants are removed or not.
All information proceeding from the review is shown on the touch screen and saved. (Such as the number of blown-out cells per tray, per lot, per hour.) The lot information is saved separately and can be joined to your e-mail account or centrally saved by the network.
In order to fill the emptied tray cells again with good plants, a combination with the Tray Fixer of Flier Systems is possible. The Tray Fixer has a capacity of 11.000 plants per hour in this combined formation and according to Flier, the Popper PM31 has a return of investment of one season

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