Jamie Durie signs with branding expert

Posted On 19 Sep 2012
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CHICAGO, USA, September 20, 2012: One of the US favorite new gardening celebs is Australia native Jamie Durie. His HGTV show, “The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie,” is one of the more interesting new “gardening” shows.
Jamie signed with a new director of business development for the US, Bill Reishtein, the same branding expert who’s worked with a couple of other big-time home and garden celebrities, Bob Villa and P. Allen Smith. As Ellen Wells from our sister publication GrowerTalks reported in her Buzz! e-newsletter last month, “Jamie’s already a star in his homeland of Australia and with appearances on Oprah, several HGTV shows and specials, as well as books. But with Bill Reishtein on board, Jamie’s star is set to shine even brighter.”
“Jamie is credited with making gardening hip again in Australia, and he’s doing it all over again here,” Bill said. “He is passionate, knowledgeable, energetic and totally tapped into the mindset and aspirations of Gen X and Gen Y gardeners and gardeners-to-be.”
Hip! That’s what we need. To make gardening hip. Not to mention cool. And fun. Jamie can do that. Wrote Ellen, “In no way do I mean to objectify the man, but he’s quite good-looking, affable, full of energy and has a wicked-cool accent. He has a personality that appeals to the younger generation and is a person who they feel they can get to know, be inspired by, and learn from.”

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