HortiSeminars: up-to-date knowledge on practical horticultural subjects

Posted On 26 Sep 2012
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AMSTERDAM, September 27, 2012: Approximately twenty HortiSeminars will be taking place during the Horti Fair. The audience at these sessions will be brought up to date on a subject of current interest in horticulture within a short space of time. Visitors to the Horti Fair can purchase a knowledge voucher in order to take part in the HortiSeminars.
The Horti Fair will take place in the Amsterdam RAI from 30 October to 2 November. Around 550 companies from dozens of countries will be presenting their products in four exhibition halls. In 2011 the Horti Fair chose to embark on a new course and one of its cornerstones is the exchange of knowledge. It is within this context that the International HortiCongress on the theme of ‘Well-being’ is taking place on the first day of the fair, while the HortiSeminars are also defined by the exchange of knowledge.
There are four rounds of HortiSeminars every day. The gatherings last approximately 1.5 hours. Some of the seminars are Climate monitoring and advice, Plants as air purifiers, Precision Growing, Geothermal Energy and How to increase yields in tomato with LED. The program can be found on www.hortifair.com/hortiseminars.
Visitors to the Horti Fair can use the visitor registration system for the fair to enrol for the HortiSeminars. A one-off fee of €40.00 is charged, for which amount visitors receive a knowledge voucher that they can use to attend one or more gatherings.

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