Flora Niagara 2017 places bid for International Horticultural Exposition

Posted On 25 Sep 2012
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NIAGARA, Canada, September 26, 2012: Last week, the International Horticulture Expo approved the bid for the Flora Niagara 2017 to host the 150 day 2017 horticultural expo event. Now the pressure is on for Flora Niagara to secure the funds to develop the 2017 Expo. It is estimated that the Flora Niagara 2017 needs to have a commitment of $100 million from the Canadian government. The event is expected to attract two to three million visitors and generate an economic impact of some $830 million.
This event has occurred in Kunming, China 1999, Shenyang, China 2006, Taiwan 2010, Xi’An, China 2011, The Netherlands 2012 and upcoming in Qingdao, China 2014 and Tangshan, China 2016. These expositions are the best examples in the world to showcase the horticulture industry and excite the general populations around the world using millions of plants. The flower industry in China has sky rocketed since the first expo in Kunming
1999 and now China is a world leader in the use of bedding plants.

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