AFE funds $182,000 in industry research

Posted On 18 Sep 2012
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ALEXANDRIA, USA, September 18, 2012: The American Floral Endowment is funding $182,000 in scientific research projects for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. “Each of these research projects will help shed new light on critical industry issues and provide vital information for the entire industry,” says Dave Niklas of Clackamas Greenhouses and AFE Production and Post-Harvest Research Committee Chairman.

Research projects can last from one to three years and any reasonable, but justifiable budget will be considered. Pre-Proposal applications are available on the AFE website and are due by June 1st each year.

Breeding and Genetics
Dr. Zhanao Deng, University of Florida: Introducing Broad-Spectrum Disease Resistance into Floricultural Crops by Transferring NPR1 Gene, the Key Regular of Plant Systemic Acquired Resistance – $32,000 (Year Two)
Insect Management
Dr. Raymond Cloyd, Kansas State University: Effect of Pesticide Mixtures in Controlling Arthropod Pests of Greenhouses – $25,000 for three years (Year Three)
Dr. Steven Frank, North Carolina State University: Optimizing Banker Plant Systems for Aphid Biological Control in Floricultural Greenhouses – $18,000 for two years (Year Two)
Dr. Margaret Skinner, University of Vermont: Granular Formulations of Insect-Killing Fungi with Plant-Mediated IPM Systems for Thrips – $24,000 for three years (Year Two)
Dr. David Clark, University of Florida: Providing Practical Solutions to Increase Fresh Cut Flower Quality and Vase Life While Identifying Consumer Preferences – $34,000 for three years (Year Three)
Disease Management
Dr. Francisco M. Ochoa Corona, Oklahoma State: Development of a Grower Friendly Detection Method for Virus Infecting Ornamentals – $35,000 for two years (Year One)
Gus Poesch Fund
Dr. Michelle Jones, Dr. Emma Locke, The Ohio State University: Floricultural Training – $12,000 for three years (Year Three)
Drs. Claudio Pasian, Luis Canas, and Beth Fausey, The Ohio State University: Floricultural Industry Roundtables – $2,000 for one year (Year One)

AFE Production and Post-Harvest Scientific Research Projects provide essential knowledge for a growing and dynamic floricultural industry. Examples of projects include:
Management protocols for floriculture crops
Management systems for diseases of floriculture crop
Management systems for insects affecting floricultural crop
Post-Harvest management systems for floriculture and plant breeding
Genetic engineering of floricultural crops

The American Floral Endowment is dedicated to advancing the industry through funding floriculture research, educational grants and scholarships. More than $14 million has been funded toward research projects benefiting the entire industry, and more than $400,000 in scholarships designed to attract and retain the future leaders of the industry. To learn more about AFE visit or

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