UK growers dismay at AWB outcome

Posted On 21 Jun 2012
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THEALE, UK, June 21, 2012: Growers attending last week’s HTA Ornamentals Committee meeting have expressed disappointment at the outcome of the Agricultural Wages Board negotiations which have resulted in a weighted 2.6% increase across the industry.

Subject to confirmation on 20 July, the following rates will come into effect on 01 October 2012:
• Grade 1 – Initial Grade- £6.21 per hour (2p above National Minimum Wage)
• Grade 2 – Standard worker – £6.96 per hour
• Grade 3 – Lead worker – £7.26 per hour
• Grade 4 – Craft Grade – £8.21 per hour
• Grade 5 – Supervisory Grade – £8.70 per hour
• Grade 6 – Farm Management Grade – £9.40 per hour
HTA Director of Business Development, Tim Briercliffe, comments, “With such a tough season for growers these increases provide additional and unnecessary costs at a rate which is out of step with the salary increases in the wider economy. We will be writing to the AWB Chairman asking the Board to reconsider. We are also calling on Defra to publish the consultation on the future abolition of the AWB as soon as possible to avoid the industry having to face this all again next year.”

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