Preparations for Eurofleurs 2013 are underway

Posted On 01 Jun 2012
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SPLIT, Croatia, June 1, 2012: It takes loads of time to prepare an international competition at a sufficient quality level and that’s why Florint always starts some 16 to 18 months before the event with a first preparatory meeting. Regarding the Eurofleurs 2013 Junior Championship, which is set to take place from September 4-8 in Split, Croatia, Florint held its first Eurofleurs 2012 meeting in Split from May 2-3, to kick start the upcoming event.
Florint’s delegation was somewhat more extensive than usual. Alongside Toine Zwitserlood (general secretary and president of the TC; the competitions committee) and Annemie Duchateau (the board member responsible for competitions and also a TC member), board as well as TC member Simon Ogrisek was also present. This had everything to do with his duties as jury president of the 2012 International Florist Competition, which took place during these same days. The coinciding of the preparatory meeting with this competition was not by chance, as this provided us with the opportunity to see the event premises in Split in a comparable situation.
The morning of the 3rd of May started with a reception at the City Hall where the delegation was kindly received by Mrs. Andelka Viscovic, the vice mayor. She expressed her appreciation for having Eurofleurs 2013 take place in Split and assured that the event would have the full support of the Mayor’s office. The main representatives from the city administration as well as from the Chamber of Crafts with responsibilities related to the event were all present as well.
Florint ‘Sec-Gen’ Toine Zwitserlood expressed his satisfaction with the choice for the city of Split and its beautiful Deocletian Palace as the event location; a competition setting one could only dream of. Marija Crmaric, president of the Section of Florists of the Chamber, made clear that in light of the fact that her organisation was extremely honoured to host the Eurofleurs in Split, her team would do all within its power to contribute to the success of this competition.
After the meeting the premises were visited and the TC got a good impression of the exceptional beauty and uniqueness of the Palace as the site for this event, but of the challenges related to it as well. It is not a big hall that can be configured and furnished in many ways, but one with various connecting spaces, all with their own proportions and characteristics, that need to be made into a logical whole. But on the basis of a first outline the conclusion was drawn that this is undoubtedly perfectly possible.
The International Florist Competition that was taking place during the visit provided much insights into how things could be done, though the scale of the Eurofleurs event is obviously different and more demanding. The rest of the day was spent on an extensive meeting during which all the activities and tasks for the coming months, including the timeframe and whose responsibility it is, were talked through and an agreement was reached regarding the right preparations for the next TC-OC meeting in September.

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