Horti Fair delighted to have the entire Agribio Group on board

Posted On 07 Jun 2012
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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands, June 7, 2012: Barberet & Blanc, Bartels Stek, Fides and Lex+ have registered for the Horti Fair 2012. These companies are part of the Agribio Group international floricultural enterprise. Each of the companies will be presenting themselves individually at the Horti Fair, said Harry Kloppenburg, CEO of the Agribio Group.
The Horti Fair is the biggest international trade show for Technology, Innovation and Inspiration in Horticulture and is taking place in the Amsterdam RAI from 30 October to 2 November inclusive this year. In recent months a number of leading floricultural companies already announced that they would be coming: Anthura, Corn. Bak, Gavrish, HilverdaKooij, Schoneveld Breeding, Exotic Plant, Van den Bos Flowerbulbs, Vitro Plus, Floricultura, and the rose breeders Schreurs and De Ruiter Innovations. They will now be joined, therefore, by the four companies in the Agribio Group.
“The Horti Fair is the essential international horticultural platform where we are concerned,” remarks Kloppenburg. “That’s why we’re happy with the new course that the Horti Fair embarked on last year. Fides worked hard with the Horti Fair and other plant breeders last year to make a success of the floricultural hall. And now we’re taking this forward by registering all the companies in the Agribio Group.”
Fides, Barberet & Blanc, Lex+ and Bartels Stek will present themselves individually at the Horti Fair. In addition, Fides is one of the companies cooperating on the HortiSeminars: the knowledge sessions being organized during the Horti Fair. Kloppenburg explains: “We believe these seminars are a good addition to the trade fair. They offer visitors knowledge, a warm welcome and the opportunity for networking. Based in the Horti Alliance – a partnership of leading suppliers to horticulture – we offer a programme geared to the needs of Dutch and international horticultural entrepreneurs.”
Horti Fair director Frans-Peter Dechering is delighted to have the Agribio companies on board. “Their presence demonstrates that the new course of the Horti Fair is catching on. Because the large number of international visitors is the deciding factor for these companies on when to take part in a trade fair. So the combination of technique and floriculture is bearing fruit.”
The Agribio Group is not the only high-profile floricultural company, therefore, that has registered for the Horti Fair. Dechering again: “Each and every one of them is leading in floriculture and has chosen to go for quality and continuity at the Horti Fair. Their presence means that floriculture will have an even more prominent place at the Horti Fair. Hall 10 alone – the floricultural hall – makes the Horti Fair more than worth a visit this year.”

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