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Posted On 17 Jun 2012
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DE LIER, the Netherlands, June 18, 2012: Fides and Volmary GmbH have announced a strategic partnership. As of 1 October 2012, Volmary will be the representative in Germany, France, the UK and Poland of breeding and propagation company Fides in De Lier (NL). Volmary will be able to provide distribution and business relations with even better and more targeted services.
Harry Kloppenburg, CEO of Fides: “With this cooperation, we become complementary partners with both a unique infrastructure. Volmary holds an extensive sales distribution network throughout Europe, Fides provides flowering plants with perfect genetics. Combining the strenghts of both partners guarantees a better service for customers.” Hubertus Volmary, CEO of Volmary GmbH adds: “With this long term cooperation, we strive for stability for both partners. Even more, we have the ambition to grow by exploring new product market combinations.”
Fides is a company that is specialized in breeding, propagation and sales of cut and pot Chrysanthemums, flowering pot plants: Kalanchoe, Calandiva® and bedding plants: Pelargonium, Osteospermum, Nemesia, Petunia, Calibrachoa, pot Dahlia, Impatiens NG, pot Carnation and pot Asters. This takes place all over the world. Thanks to our unique worldwide infrastructure, our internationally oriented staff works 24 hours per day. Doing so, we are innovative, inspiring and reliable in all our activities. Fides is part of the Agribio Group, a global player in terms of breeding and propagation. Agribio Group is active in 56 countries and trades over one billion cuttings per year. The company is a global top-3 player in terms of vegetative breeding and the propagation of plants and flowers. The Agribio Group includes top breeding companies such as Barberet & Blanc, Bartels Stek, Fides, Fides Oro, Lex+ and Japan Agribio.
The Volmary GmbH is a family owned, leading European company. The main activities are production and distribution of vegetative and generative propagated flower and vegetable seedlings, multiplication and distribution of flower and vegetable seeds, sale of flower and vegetable bulbs and classical flower and vegetable plant breeding. With the marketing concepts ‘Volmary® Plants’, ‘Soul Plants®’ and ‘Kiepenkerl® Profi-Line® Plants’ the Volmary GmbH is well known in the garden and food retail business. The mother plant companies for vegetative propagated varieties are based in Turkey and Kenya. The seedling production sites in Germany and Poland are equipped with the latest planting, greenhouse and logistics technology and ensure consistent superior quality seedlings and a guaranteed delivery. The owner Hubertus Volmary claims: “Grow for Gold® – with our valuable products, innovations and horticultural know-how, we wish to increase our customer’s success and we want to convince on the green market. On this golden goal, we work with passion”
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