Expo TCO puts Opheusden in the limelight

Posted On 28 Jun 2012
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OPHEUSDEN, the Netherlands, June 29, 2012: The first edition of the trade exhibition, Expo Tree Centre Opheusden will be held in Dodewaard, the Netherlands, from October 3-4, 2012. The event will focus on the 1,527ha tree growing region of Opheusden which hosts over 130 nurseries producing a wide range of container-grown standard and ornamental trees.
The trees from the Opheusden area are sold on the domestic and international market and range from basic material to trees which have been transplanted four times. Wholesalers, exporters or the nurseries themselves supply other nurseries, authorities, open space planners, gardeners and garden centres. Up to 80& of the products are sold to other countries (11% outside the EU). It should come as no surprise that fruit trees are also grown here, as this region is after all a major fruit producer.
The regional nurseries have joined forces to improve sales. One important tool is the EXPO TCO trade fair, which is expected to turn into an annual event. The organisers hope to attract approximately 100 participants for this first edition. Nurseries/exporters and suppliers will participate in this trade fair. The suppliers will mainly cater for technology. Various prominent mechanisation businesses have settled in the Tree Centre Opheusden area. They develop advanced solutions to make operations more efficient. Examples include tree-clearing machines, tree-planting machines, tree-loading cranes, tonkin cane-planting machines and cutting platforms. An important development is the application of GPS systems.
According to Gijsbert van Setten, spokesman for the organising committee, registrations for the trade fair are coming in thick and fast. Numerous businesses have registered by now. Large prominent standard tree businesses will also take part, including some from outside the region. The trade fair is held in and around a complex of tents. The large range of standard trees in particular will be presented in nine different sun rooms. A special demonstration field will be dedicated to technology. Admission is free, but visitors do have to register in advance, which they can do on www.treecentreopheusden.nl  This website also gives all other information on the trade fair. Visitors who do not register will pay a €10 admission fee. A visit to the trade fair can be combined with a visit to the businesses themselves.

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