PlantforLife encourages Britons to plant roses for a culinary twist

Posted On 04 Aug 2009
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Atul Kochhar comments “Herbs are one of the first things that spring to mind when cooking, but have you ever thought about the role flowers play in cooking? Roses were used centuries ago by the Romans who started the trend in desserts and wine. Thanks to their delicate scent, flavour and taste, this iconic flower is the latest ingredient in my kitchen. Add roses to many recipes, from chicken to cakes to jelly and even sorbet – not only will this impress your guests serving something innovative, the rose twist will add vibrancy to the taste and presentation of your dishes”.
Research from HTA shows 30% of people want to spend more time relaxing and entertaining in their gardens this year, so there is no better time to plant Britain’s favourite flower and add to recipes too.
Celebrity plantsman Chris Collins comments “Roses  are the  royalty  of  the  garden  plants,  giving  incredible  value  for  money  as  well  as  immense  pleasure.  No  self  respecting  British  garden  would  be  complete  without  their  presence .  With care and attention you can create a beautiful rose garden, once the roses are bloomed.  Planting roses is simple and rewarding, they are readily available in garden centres and are so versatile – you can create fabulous focal points in your garden by framing garden beds and designing borders. Make a wall in your garden the focal point with climbers when the cold weather sets in, plant in containers to avoid the frost and heavy rain. By watering often and preventing weed growth around your roses watch your radiant rose garden grow and grow”.
Visit  to download Chris’s top tips on how to plant roses with a recipe twist and Atuls’ rose inspired recipes.  
Full details of all the rose varieties can be found using the Roses UK Rose Locator at where users of the website can also check where to purchase them from.


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