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Posted On 21 Aug 2009
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Used as a small street tree in Florida, Duranta erecta from ID’flor is more suitable as a patio plant in Northern Europe. Duranta erecta, or Golden dewdrop is  a sprawling, sometimes vine-like tender evergreen shrub or small tree that can reach up to 5.5 m tall and just as wide. It usually forms a multi-stemmed clump with branches that droop and trail. The showy flowers bloom from June to September in terminal or lateral clusters (racemes, actually) up to 6 in (15.2 cm) long. The individual flowers are tubular with five petals, light blue to violet or purple, and flare out at the mouth about1.3 cm across.
Still under number but already protected with breeder’s rights is ID’flor’s seed Dendrobium for indoors and outdoors. This Dendrobium features fragrant weather resistant flowers that can last for at least 12 weeks
In arboricultural products Devriese-Luyssen nurseries from Wingene introduce a brand new collection of Lagerstroemeria indica. Lagerstroemeria is a deciduous shrub up to 8 m and has a reddish colour in the wild. But this Lagerstroemeria bred by the US National Arboretum comes also in white and pink. Often described as an exotic shrub Lagerstroemeria will also perform well in Northern European gardens although it requires a very hot summer to flower. In North Europe the soft-fringed flowers will appear from July to September followed by very bright coloured leaves in autumn. Devriese-Luyssen will be presenting its cultivars Pixie White’, ‘Mardi Grass (pink)’ and ‘World Fair’ (pink)
Passiflora ‘Lady Margaret’ is a crossing between Passiflora coccinea and Passiflora incarnate and was introduced to the market by Timothy Skimina in 1991. Plantcare BVBA from Pittem introduces this dark red cultivar as a novelty indoor or patio plant for 2010. This passion flower has large 12 cm flowers of a unique intensive red magenta with a contrasting white centre.
Also coming in stunning red is Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’ bred by Ron Strasko from Creek Hill Nursery. In Belgium this ornamental grass is marketed and distributed by Cultiverde BVBA from Oostrozebeke. ‘Fireworks’ is the first variegated purple fountain grass and a refreshing new look to an old time favourite ornamental grass.. The midvein is the typical burgundy color and is flanked by hot pink margins. Foliage height to 24". Zone 9-10. Patent owner is Ron Strasko.
The news for this autumn is the Coprosma collection of Stefan de Jaeger from Laarne. This  hardy shrub with stunning variegated foliage is suited for stunning autumn displays in containers. The colour transforms from cream pink tones during summer to and explosion of fire red foliage during autumn and winter. Three cultivars are available: ‘Karo Red’, ‘Pinacolada’ and ‘Tequila Sunrise’.
The seed grown Clivia ‘White Lips’ from ID’flor to end has beautiful white petals with white edging and flowers from January to February.


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