HTA salary survey 2009 reveals increase in freezing of wage levels

Posted On 26 Aug 2009
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The figure of 40% is higher than the nationally reported figure of 37% for UK businesses as a whole – demonstrating the challenges presented by the current economic situation. The survey also reveals that a number of businesses have agreed pay cuts with their employees, with the largest reported to be 10%, with others reducing between 3-5%.
There is evidence to suggest that there have been a reduction in the number of the posts of sales Manager and office manager in 2009. It is likely that a number have been made redundant with owners, directors and senior directors taking the work over in order to save costs.
The salary of sales managers showed a marked decrease from an average of £28607 in 2008 to £26964 in 2009. By contrast the salary paid to nursery managers increased from £24348 to £26030. This brings the salary of a nursery manager much closer to that of a sales manager than in previous years, indicating how the specific skills of the nursery manager, which are crucial to the nursery, cannot be easily dispensed with. There are a number of post holders paid above the average figure with salaries in the range of £35 – £40,000 which indicates the considerable level of knowledge and experience required by the biggest growers.
The average wage paid to nursery workers in the southern region in 2009 is again significantly the highest with an average of £16046, showing the same trend as in 2008 and 2007.

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